Welcome To SG Retails Pvt. Ltd

Indian Sub-Continent, retail business is going to dominate the market for the next decade and exponential growth in this segment is likely to come. The process is on and a number of big players have entered into the market to capture this segment. SG Retails is also a part in this game and want to capture the opportunity of retail business through out India. SG Retails business module is little bit different than the conventional retail chain business. In the new business dimension of SG Retails, the vision is to produce creative professionals in the field of direct selling industries who will be promoting the retail business of SG Retails. Unlike other retails, it will be driven by these creative professionals who themselves will be the customers for SG Retails and they will be also responsible for adding new creative professionals who will be buying products from SG Retails. The objective is to share profits in all levels to these professionals to keep everyone..........Read more

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